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  1. 1. Every producer must know everything about the product movement to retail outlets.
  2. 2. Every distributor collects data about secondary sales in ERP daily.
  3. 3. We collect data about product movement throughout all distribution chains and integrate it in a central database – we open the black box!
SPOT2D Data Flow
Implementation Results
Sales increase from 20% a.o.:
  • distributors stocks optimization;
  • attention to and focus on “weak points”;
  • detailed daily sales analysis.
Improvement of financial results a.o.:
  • optimization and decrease of product inventory at all distribution levels;
  • increasing of sales planning accuracy up to 85-90%.
Improvement of relations with distributors a.o.:
  • common information space and usage of same data;
  • setting realistic goals and adequate assessment of their execution;
  • united achievement of higher business goals.
Reduction of internal costs for collecting and processing of information up to 100% with global improvement of its quality.
* Based on clients performance after 1 year of SPOT2D usage.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface
  • High-speed reports with low traffic
  • Different ways to get report – web-page, Excel, e-mail, database download
  • Static, dynamic, comparison and special reports
  • Reports constructor with criteria and filters:
    • Sales-out in pcs, cases, units, money (2 versions);
    • Number of delivered outlets;
    • Retail universe coverage, distribution, TOP-products distribution.
  • Extended distributors stock analysis:
    • Stock volume by SKU and distributor;
    • Stock levels report (exclusive to SPOT2D);
    • Losses due to out-of-stock;
    • Daily stock monitoring.
  • Non-delivered outlets list
  • Distributors pricing policy control
  • Returns from retail report
  • Distribution of top-assortment
  • Users on-site and analytical activity monitoring
Retail Database
  • Daily update of retail database
  • Extension of retail outlet info with:
    • Geo data (city, area) – by Pradata;
    • Outlets types and categories – by client;
    • Chains information;
    • Other business data.
  • Possibility to automatically close inactive outlets
  • Possibility of deduplication and merging of retail outlets
  • Possibility to connect additional data sources to retail database:
    • POS/coolers placement information;
    • Integration with SPOT2R system and sales team reports;
    • External data about retail outlets.
Distributors Orders
  • Distributors order creation based on recommended order (based on actual stocks and sales forecast) – increasing of order’s quality
  • System of electronic signatures for ordering process (distributor – regional manager – sales director – logistic) – system ordering business-process
  • Order and delivery schedule, logistic control
  • Automatic order export to any ERP-system (1С, Navision, JD Edwards, SAP R3 and others)
  • Import back from ERP delivery to distributor information
  • Distributors confirmation of order delivery
  • Valuation of difference between order and delivery at all stages (service level)
  • Calculation of distributors sale-out based on previous/actual stock and delivery
Technology and Security
SPOT2D is a SaaS servise that has been constantly evolving since 2009.
SPOT2D is developed based on the Open source stack (Linux + Symfony framework + PostgreSQL), which allows you to scale the project without additional costs for purchasing licenses from the client.
We have organized our infrastructure and business processes to ensure maximum reliability and security of our clients’ data:
  • We use only modern servers based on the Intel® Xeon® processor;
  • All data integrity is ensured using Adaptec hardware RAID controllers;
  • for high availability of all services 24/7, we maintain hot copies of all servers in two different data centers, located in EU;
  • we regularly conduct security audits;
Data Privacy:
  • Our client is the sole owner of all its information (de jure and de facto);
  • We back up all data using the formula 10 days/5 weeks/5 months;
  • All communications take place over a secure HTTPS protocol.
Users are restricted by:
  • Roles (Administrator, Client Manager, Distributor Manager);
  • Outlets, according to sets
  • Specific products (groups of products);
Business Advantages
Effectiveness for all distribution system!
More precise and quick order
Increasing profit:
  • More effective Sales Reps;
  • Reducing costs for orders processing;
  • Optimal orders – No over-stocks – faster turnover and payments;
  • Optimal orders – No out-of-stocks – sales volume goes up.
Outstanding communication tool (texts, files, photos)
Controlling tool in real-time mode (Sales Team and retail)
“Office in the pocket” – in-the-fields info about:
  • Price-lists and special propositions;
  • Available stock on central warehouse;
  • Financial status of client;
  • Historical data;
  • Information about products, clients and actions.
Technology Advantages
  • Extremely fast data collection and two-ways exchange;
  • Paper reports cancelled;
  • Constant access to operational information, “office in your pocket”;
  • Easy administration of any sales team and product line (on-line reports modification);
  • Possibility to collect more information (+photos);
  • Independent from device, only Internet is needed;
  • Safe data storage, but easy access;
  • On-line software update and support.
SPOT2R Scope
We re-equip teams!
  • Sales agents (pre-selling) – orders collection on-line, based on recommended order with instant connection to ERP;
  • Sales agents (van-selling) – functional working place for sales from car;
  • Merchandisers – in-store data collection about product placement situation and photo-reporting without limitations;
  • Promoters, auditors – flexible reporting for any task.
Mobile Interface
  • Route list, working day start and end.
  • New retail outlet data input and visit to it.
  • Retail outlet and contact persons data editing.
  • List of retail outlets and visits history.
  • Information about major contacts DOB.
  • Messaging service.
  • Visits information:
    • detailed data about retail outlets;
    • order information, orders/delivery history, actual prices, product info, order recommendation;
    • other data (money collection, structured feedback);
    • merchandising and audit info (facings, prices, POS-materials, merchandising standards, competitors);
    • photos by category.
  • Supervisors storechecks information.
  • TOJ-reports information.
On-line data – On-line analytical system!
  • Always fresh outlets database with complete information
  • Visits and routes fulfillment monitoring
  • Visit time and duration analysis
  • Field force activity tracking
  • Orders analysis
  • Retail stocks analysis
  • Deliveries analysis
  • Orders fulfillment analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Facings, distribution and prices analysis
  • Facings, distribution and prices analysis
  • Special promo & actions analysis
  • Supervisors storechecks support
  • Photos database
Easy administration of any structure!
  • Support of users list, access granting and setup of personal structure;
  • Control of data exchange with ERP;
  • Lists support – outlets types, chains and sub-chains;
  • Routes upload and editing;
  • Basic system settings management;
  • Merchandising reporting forms editing;
  • Storechecks planning.
Technical Requirements
Mobile devices requirements:
  • Device types – tablets, phones, netbooks, laptops, desktops;
  • Compact and solid case, long life and durable battery;
  • Android 5.0+ or iOS;
  • Screen from 4 inches;
  • 3G/GPRS availability;
  • Warranty and service support.
Requirements for mobile internet providers:
  • Good coverage of the territory (3G, GPRS);
  • Ability to restrict user access to only one site;
  • It is recommended to use the number only for data transmission;
  • Optimal monthly traffic per one user – from 100 Mb.